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Antihistamines and other medications may take the edge off of your allergy symptoms, but thy don't address the underlying allergic disease. (Stop the pills and the symptoms return!)

For lasting results you need AllergyEasy® drops. They are safer than allergy shots and far more convenient since they can be taken in the comfort of home. 

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Antihistamines, steroids and nasal sprays may offer temporary relief from allergy symptoms, but your discomfort will likely keep coming back unless you treat the actual allergy through immunotherapy. (Immunotherapy is the only treatment that has been shown to change the underlying allergy.)

Immunotherapy has long been available through allergy shots, but there’s a safer, simpler option known as sublingual immunotherapy. With sublingual immunotherapy, antigen is taken as allergy drops that absorb under the tongue.  It’s safer than shots and far less time consuming since allergy drops can be taken at home.

The sublingual allergy drops help desensitize the body to environmental allergens (pollens, dust, mold, pets). The allergy drops can also be prescribed for food allergy treatment (including egg and wheat allergy treatment and more).